Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Simply Mod

When talk about vintage style, what come to your minds?
Polka dot, floral print, lace, sequin, geometric pattern...
They are the signatures of the fashion in different eras.
It makes me wonder what unique element repents our current generation. 
I tried to solve this problem using the elimination method: what style I would NOT wear if I want to look like a time traveller from the past?
I guess the answer is the minimalist fashion
Minimalism does not seem to be the go-to style for dressing like a vintage queen
Looking back to the fashion history, 60s' mod style might be the most similar to the minimalist fashion nowadays. 
Btw, if you want to understand what is the mod style, the easiest and the fastest way should be watching several episodes of Mad Men, lol
However, there are still differences between the mod style and the minimalist fashion.
A mod wears simply-cut pieces in high-saturated colors and bold geometric patterns, while minimalistic fashion is best known for monochrome, earth tones and sleek cuts. In recent runways, pastel colors, such as dusty pink and baby blue, are new favorites of minimalist labels like Alexander Wang and Jil Sander Navy.

My new outfit falls in the middle ground between these two styles.
Dusty pink and light blue create the color blocks for the entire look.
The clothing pieces with sleek cuts intensify the minimalist effect. 
Meanwhile, the lace-up ankle boots, the tortoise glasses and the high-waisted midi skirt add some hints of mod to the outfit. 
Do you like my way of mix-matching these two styles?